Beloved wins 3rd at CIPS. Nang K'uulas

Verses Festival Canadian Individual Poetry Slam 2017

Last month I had the opportunity to do something new- attend Verses Festival 2017 and take part in the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. I am elated to say that I made it to finals and ¬†came in third place in Canada!     Getting that far feels amazing. What also felt..still feels good is having Read More


Roots n’ Rhythm’s ‘Beloved’ Spoken Word Album

Roots n’ Rhythm’s ‘Beloved’ Spoken Word Album On December 15th, I received the finished copies of my CD in the mail. Beloved is near and dear to my spirit. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s real but then, quickly I snap into the firm knowledge that yes, indeed this is real. The hours, I and my Read More


Magazine Poem#1: Exfoliate

I’ve always enjoyed the magazine experience; touching their glossy pages, looking at all the photos of people, hair, food, places. The ones I enjoy are perfect for short and informative, fun or just entertaining reads. They also have great text. I started cutting out the words from magazines about 5 years ago when i first Read More