Lunenburg in the Dark

I was invited by musician, filmmaker and founder of Women’s Liberatory, Tamar Dina to collaborate on a film project.  My role was to write an original poem that would speak to the concepts of darkness and lightness in literal and metaphorical terms.  Why are people so afraid of the dark and Blackness including when it Read More


My First Environmental Mentors|Black History Month

Back in 2009 I was earning my Master’s in Environment and Sustainability (MES) degree in London, Ontario. Out of about 20 students, there were two Black people in the program, myself and an Ethiopian man. Though I learned a lot during my master’s program, it was an awkward year for me. I didn’t have time Read More


Roots n’ Rhythm’s ‘Beloved’ Spoken Word Album

Roots n’ Rhythm’s ‘Beloved’ Spoken Word Album On December 15th, I received the finished copies of my CD in the mail. Beloved is near and dear to my spirit. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s real but then, quickly I snap into the firm knowledge that yes, indeed this is real. The hours, I and my Read More