The Way We Hold On – Abena’s Debut Collection of Poetry to be Published by Pottersfield Press

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For about 8 years now I’ve been wanting to publish a book of poetry.

It’s finally happening!

I’m proud to announce that my debut poetry collection, The Way We Hold On, will be published by Pottersfield Press in early 2018. 

This book contains poems written over the last 7 years.   In looking at what connected all of these poems I realized it was about holding onto things either literally or figuratively.  What are the things to which I am referring? Relationships in which you cry more than you laugh, memories of relationships that you wish you had gone differently, household items, childhood sweet and painful memories of family life and school life, especially as a first generation Canadian.  At the same time, that the poems are about holding on, they are about letting these same things go- whether you should, how, and when.

I knew this was going to be a good year, though I could not have predicted getting an e-mail from Lesley Choyce himself, saying he wanted to publish my manuscript. Up until then, I had been ready to publish with another company that publishes a magazine, to whom I had proposed sending my book.

Perhaps if I had been more confident in self-publishing, I could have published a book so many years ago, this still feels like the right time and I could not have asked for this to happen in a better way.

I’ve pored over each line and word the way only an overthinking middle-child, introverted Virgo can do. I took feedback from friends- published and published and will do so again with a professional editor.

The Way We Hold On feels mature, is vast and is (almost) ready.

Stay tuned for details on how to pre-order.

So much love,


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