Verses Festival Canadian Individual Poetry Slam 2017

Credit: Nang K'uulas (

Last month I had the opportunity to do something new- attend Verses Festival 2017 and take part in the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam.

I am elated to say that I made it to finals and  came in third place in Canada!


Credit: Nang K'uulas (
Credit: Nang K’uulas (


Getting that far feels amazing. What also felt..still feels good is having met everyone that I did and having sincere, even if brief connections with a number of you.

The festival itself was impressively well-organized. The organizers ran it with appropriate strictness but also care and love.

The energy I felt was easy-going with a healthy electricity of competition.

The poetry was engaging and not draining and I am grateful to have heard so many well-crafted, honest, and funny stories.
And Vancouver is still as beautiful as they say.

Many thanks to:

– Yes and Mona for organizing the Birds of a Feather Poet Storm Campaign
– Everyone who donated
– The Good Robot Brewing Company ( Shauna and Erica) for bringing us on as your GoodWill Bots for the Earth Day show (stars lined up so well- thank you).
– People who bought beer at the Good Robot from which proceeds went to our cause
– Johnny Trinh for telling me my presence was necessary and enough way back in October and who continued to encourage me throughout the festival.
– Mama for giving me the priceless gift of time and space.
– PG for being my number one supporter.
– Sastri for being my number one fan and manager 😉
– Hali Crew- Rebecca and Martha for being the poets, company, and support that you were.

Yes, I’m acting like I won an oscar because… this is the oscars to me.

Shout outs to Ifrah Hussain for winning first place. Well done, sister.

Photo credit: Patrick Shannon /Nang K’uulas

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