“Queen” from The Art of Living

In May 2016  my collection “The Art of Living” won the poetry prize for the Atlantic Writing Competition ( now Nova Writes). Here is one of the poems from the collection, Queen.


Tonight she feels like a queen

Round belly deep in sudsy coconut cream

The soapy scent of luxury

Should have bought them clean out of this bubble bath

Half off it was half off

And at that price why not indulge

in the fluffy collar of royalty


Or every night?

Hot as her faithful thighs can handle,

Pure water ,

infused with coconut soap and calloused feet,

laps over the crescendos of her skin.

Steam rises as if to honor her presence

and lingers

like wedding confetti pausing mid-air for a photo

This is lavish living.

And tonight, she is not thinking

of mopping the overflow.

“The help will get it.”  She laughs,

“Let it splash”

Shape-shifting subs kiss her coils as she slides further

into liquid sanctuary

She tilts her head back

and bubbles mark where her crown should be.

The extra fifteen pounds that cling to her frame

like bodyguards

are nowhere to be seen this evening.

They must have finally taken a break.

She doesn’t mind;

They work so hard to protect her.

In this palace, she is lightweight.

You can’t bottle such opulent living

or so one would have thought.

But someone did,

and she got it half off!

When she emerges from her aquatic serenade,

she looks down and sees a royal ring.

She smiles,

“Leave it,”

The others will know

The queen was here.


© Abena Amoako-Green 2016

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