Aberdeen Cafe Love

I’m at the best café I’ve been to in a long time and it’s right across the street from Cavez’s place. Love it. love it.

It’s a wide open square room with one exposed brick wall behind one side of the L-shaped serving area. On the parallel wall about 20-feet away is a large white wall with three massive drawings. One is a long-haired bearded man. The background is a swampy mix of green, brown and grey. To the right of him is a younger looking man in his late 20s, early 30s. He’s wearing a green cardigan and black round neck t-shirt. He has a halo over his head which is tilted slightly up and to the left. To his right is a drawing of a young woman in her 30s maybe. She has long brown hair that falls just to where her breasts begin their downward slope. She is wearing a tan button up shirt and a pink and white cardigan over it. She is looking down into a glass of what looks like milk. Is she contemplating the milk? Or does she see a bug in it?
I am sitting directly diagonal from the entrance to the café. This building will be 100-years old in 2017. It’s just been renovated. It has character and color and I not only saw but felt both as soon as I stepped into the main building. The colors of the other two parallel walls are a combination of aqua and muted pumpkin. There is a natural molding across both of these walls. Above this is where the pumpkin color starts on the one to my right, the wall that the door is on. And to my left, above the molding is a tangy green color. It sounds like a bad mix. Like a 5 year old who beings to dress himself. But it works. It is not trying to hard. It is being itself.
Three fans twirl and spin on the high industrial ceiling. They will perform this same ballet routine all day; likely all summer as temperatures this year have been higher than average. Their breeze of their spinning, combined with the cool breaths of air coming through the window on my left, is cooling my tea. I don’t mind. Normally I would. The tea is strawberry and which chocolate.. .something like that. It is close to divine as far as smells go.
On the stereo a lady’s voice belts “Why do fools fall in love?”. The song is rather upbeat considering the subject matter. Maybe she is amused by these fools and their missteps with love. If only these fools could be as amused with themselves.

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