Bobcats and Black Bears: A Hiking Attempt

So… I tried going on a hike yesterday.

Kay told me about this park that’s close by so I decided to get some fresh air and exercise in the New Brunswick wilderness.


Here’s me all ready to walk down the red trail:


Birds were chirping, the air was fresh, pairs of walkers returning from their excursion said hi as they passed me by.  I was ready to identify trees and leaves and bird calls, then I saw this sign:

Identify the black bear tracks? I don't think so!
Identify the black bear tracks? I don’t think so!

I took a few more steps and then my brain said ” coyote tracks? ” ” bobcat?!” “Black bear?!”

I don’t want to identify any bobcat or black bear tracks!!

I started to turn back to the parking lot. But wait, I said to myself, it’s so serene, it’s the daytime. Surely it’s safe. All those people just came from walking here and hadn’t been harmed.. So I headed back up the tree lined trail.

But the I thought, all those people were in twos!  I just didn’t want to be that girl that ended up on the news. That one girl that decided to go on a hike by herself and then encountered a Black Bear and didn’t know enough survival tricks to know what to do to save her life. I remember the sad story of a young woman who was mauled by coyotes on a Nova Scotia Trail a couple of years ago.

So I turned back again to the parking lot. I still plan on exploring the park but next time I’m bringing company.

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