Be good to people; they may help your children.

An old friend of mine once told me to never travel with more that you can carry in your own two hands. In case you’re ever stranded, you’ll be able to move yourself and your stuff to a hotel, taxi or at least a phone booth.

After almost two weeks of training for my new gig, I arrived in Moncton one week ago today with only one suitcase…okay and a carry-on, a backpack, my laptop back and a massive, fluffy, sky-blue duvet which my mother in-law insisted I bring.  I couldn’t have carried my load alone in my two hands but this time,  and for the first time, I can indulgently say that I had a car rented for me by my new employer! Boo yah, rollin’ like a boss! Driving isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it helped that it was a calming sunny day and that there was little traffic on the road. It also helped that I had somewhere to go when I got in the city.

We had a tenant live with us a few year ago in our family home. I’d never met her but my mom spoke of her often. Well, a couple of days before I came to “Mo-town” while sitting in the in-laws’ family room, mom said, “Kay lives there!” She texted her and within minutes she received text back. One more minute after that I was on the phone with Kay taking down directions to her house. Last Sunday, equipped with the gps my dad-in-law pulled out of his stash in the garage, I was headed to Kay’s.

I arrived a few hours later to a tiny woman who hugged me and led me to her kitchen. She gave me a glass of orange juice- cold, pulp-free, refreshing- and asked, as she sat down across the table from me, “What can I do for you?”

Now, thanks to Kay, I have been able to settle into a gorgeous little apartment just outside of downtown. All utilities are included including cable and internet and it is fully furnished! The people that had agreed to take this place changed their mind last minute. Kay got a call from a relative who knew she was helping me find a place and voila! Here I am! I love how God brings things together.

This whole situation makes me think of how if Kay hadn’t have had a good experience living in my home, she might not have welcomed me into hers and been so available to help me. I had nothing to do with this good experience mind you, I wasn’t home at the time but I do give some credit to my parents, mom especially. She is great with people and knows how to build friendly relationships.  Kay also just seems to be a  kind, and giving person and I guess this is why mom clicked with her. As she took me around to look for place, I realized that in addition to her being kind-hearted, the fact that she had built a relationship with my mom is what made her want to speak on my behalf to the landlords we met.

This taught me that my relationship with someone can impact my relatives or other people that I’m close to.

I am also so blessed and pleased to have reconnected with a schoolmate, Cavez. I didn’t know her well personally in school but I’m getting got know her now and she is so cool. She has also been extremely hospitable to me, welcoming me to stay with her for as long as I needed until I found a place. She’s also been showing me around and introduced me to some of her friends.

Having someone welcome you in a new city makes all of the difference.

I almost didn’t believe myself when I thought, after just a few days, that maybe I would stay here for awhile.  Previously, when living in Nova Scotia, I never thought I’d ever live in this province. Ever.

Lesson of the week: be good to people and be available for people when you can be.

Now that I have a place,  I’m ready to get to know Moncton a little more.

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