Freewrite: Bed Kinda Day

Today is a sit in bed kind of day.

A rainy day but I don’t mind long as I’m inside kinda day;

it’s a be okay with not checking of my list kind of bliss

listening to the man play the bass,

feeling  his vibe afternoon

later, we may spoon

Suitcase on the floor,

singing an  ‘is she gonna  re-pack me soon’  kinda tune

it’s a write kind of day,

its a nice kind of day even though it’s grey

it’s got a white glow

and time moves as it does, not fast or slow

just never still

but I’m not clock-watching

She was made to tick,

but her ticking wont’ do the same for me,

not today.

Today is a heart of the matter kind of day

a mirror kind of gaze with a non-accusing relfectoin

just a bit of introspection.

a privilege for the well-fed

sitting in bed.

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