On Saturday, March 24th, I went to Montreal to watch a slam. I ended up slamming and…. winning!

Sharing with the Montrealers
Sharing with the Montrealers

Imagine, I wasn’t even going to go.

The night before I slammed at Capital Slam. Didn’t do so well points wise though I felt my performance was good.  On this evening I just wanted to chill and listen; not have to put myself out there again so early after the previous night. When I arrived, the poet who runs the slam said I should slam…reluctantly I agreed. ‘There goes me chilling,’ I thought.Now I had to get into competition mode- assessing the energy in the room, the crowed, deciding on which poems to do. You never know with slams where the audience is the judge. I felt good and open when I get on stage and I believe that always helps a performance. The rest was not up to me.

Interesting how things work out isn’t it? I won the slam that I found out about the night before, didn’t’ feel like going to and was persuaded to take part in. I won $100 and was able to share a couple more poems at the end. Shout outs to D, my fellow poet who told me and our other friend about the slam and who also lived  it on the mic and to girl K, who convinced me to come  and is ever so encouraging just by her smile alone.  I can only smile, myself.

This is just evidence of God positively tampering in my life- again. 🙂

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