Spreading the ‘Hip Life’ one child at a time

Over the Christmas break I had the opportunity to teach a Ghanaian dance workshop at an elementary school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Considering I taught 9 classes back to back over a span of 4 and a half hours, it was pretty fun and not as crazy tiring as I thought it would be.

They kids followed along as best as they could and enjoyed getting to learn new ways of moving. I wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago that I enjoy teaching these workshops because, aside from the fun of dancing, it is a way to educate people about the mysterious, diverse, rich and under learned about continent of Africa. They first thing the kids learned in my workshop is that Africa is a continent. The second was that we were doing dances from Ghana, one single country from the entire continent and that it has styles all its own. They learned that the term “African Dance” is acutally confusingly vague if they don’t know where in Africa the dance comes from.

After the educational segment, we got on the auditorium floor and got to dancing! I started throwing in some Zigi- You say wetin in there and they loved it! Once class even wanted to do it again to show their teachers who had come to take them to their next class.  Ah, feels good to spread the love of hiplife, one child at a time.

Teachin the kids Kpatsa
Teachin the kids Kpatsa

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