How I got to Perform with Addis Acoustic Project in Ethiopia

I like to believe that one step taken makes room for another. This was true of my decision to gt in touch with the manager of Jazzamba at Taitu Hotel to see about performing there. I had been on a plane on my way from Addis to Bahir Dar when I began flipping through the in- flight magazine and came across an article about the jazz club Jazzamba and about Taitu Hotel. Turns out Taitu was the very first hotel in Ethiopia.

Because of making that phone call, I was able to perform not once, but twice at the prestigious hotel and jazz club. The first time was just myself and the band and the second time was with my dear friend and sister  who accompanied me with her sweet and smooth vocals. I was nervous both times but excited as well; How would the crowd respond? They hadn’t come to hear poetry, they came to hear the band. This was something I wouldn’t know until I did it. There was no time for an audience survey or for market research so I got on stage and did my thing.

They liked it! I think it was a pleasant surprise for the audience, for the band and for myself. Thank God for those inner urgings that move you to take first steps.

Here’s a clip of my second performance with  Addis Acoustic Project


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