Tandoori and New Friends

Sunday September 9th

My uncle took me out today. For all of you who just asked: Is he your real uncle? He’s my father’s friend who’s been working in Ethiopia for the last number of years. He’s African, a family friend and about 20 years older than me so yes, he is my real uncle ;).

It was good to see him and great to see a bit more of the city. So far, so good. The buildings range from larger 10 plus story glass buildings to typical roadside stalls with medium sized supermarkets and clothing stores occupying main floors of strip buildings in between. For a city of 3 million people it doesn’t seem overwhelmingly crowded. Taxis are blue and white and mini-busses are blue as well. There is a lot of construction going on and it’s the end of the rainy season so the roads are a bit muddy. Sidewalks are there one minute and gone the next so you have to watch your step when walking. There is a lot to see.

My uncle and I went to an Indian Restaurant called Sangaam where we had tandoori chicken, and grilled fish sandwiched in pita-type bread, rice and naan.

My first of hopefully many meals at Sangaam Indian Restaurant

Near the end of our meal, two foreign women came in the restaurant.  Once they started talking I knew they were North American so I went over to talk to them. Like me, both of them had just arrived in Ethiopia within the last three days. JM is from Canada and MM is from the US. We exchanged numbers and talked about meeting up tomorrow. I was just talking about being lonely yesterday wasn’t I? I guess that’s why I decided to go say hi. I hope to make some Ethiopian friends while I’m here but for today, people who speak my language are the lowest hanging fruit!

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