Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Saturday, September 8th -Part 2

Each time I travel, my alone- factor increases.

In 2005, I went to Ghana by myself to attend school for a year.  Though I have many family members in Ghana, the only people I knew on campus were two cousins who I met for the first time once arriving in Accra.  Soon though, I made friends with other students.

In 2010 I went to Kigali. Though I travelled with two other Canadian guys, I realized quickly that I would have to develop my own friendships and experiences. My guys were awesome -one of them spent at least an hour helping me slosh through the fiasco of my missing ticket from London to Nairobi- but in Rwanda, we lived and worked on different sides of the city. They were together and I was on my own.

Pleasingly, I became friendly with my colleagues including TN who lit up my work day and filled it with laughs. And thanks to B-roc whose family ran the guesthouse, I had some amusing company in the evenings.  Sure I still have my lonely moments but the good times made up for those.

Then I travelled to  Kenya and Uganda by myself while still based in Rwanda.  I would rather have gone with people- I’m not the solo backpacking type of girl-but in no one was available to go with me at the times that I could go (well I was to go to UG with one guy, but  in the end, I wasn’t trying to take the bus for 24 hours so I flew), so it was go solo or don’t go at all.

Ever so amazingly, friends in Kigali who were from either UG or Kenya, called their people and asked them to meet and hang out with the lone Canadian girl who’d be coming their way. I am ever grateful.

This brings me to Ethiopia. It’s Day 2 and unfortunately, because I’ve come alone and am staying by myself the loneliness is bug has begun peeking at me through the cracks in the walls and calling to me in the form of tiny hums and whistles.  I have no B-roc next door to talk to, just the guards. I did go for a walk with one of them today though. After being in the house all day (blame it on the rain… and also on John Q and The Illusionist showing on TV), it was nice to get out.  Nothing makes you feel more alone than being in a house all day with no visitors, internet or ahem, no phone calls from family!

It’s only day two, but I’m kinda lonely…. not in a sad, weeping into my sleeping bag way but in a playing freecell, looking forward to Monday so I can go to the office  kind of way.  However just like things turned around in all the previous situations as I made friends and grew my comfortable with my surroundings, I’m sure the same will happen here.

In the meantime, someone call me. Please? Thanks.

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