My favorite place to write

Turns out my favorite place to write is my bathroom. Usually,  I’m usually wary of new bathrooms and it takes me awhile to adjust to them, to feel comfortable sitting on the toilet with no toilet paper lining even after I’ve cleaned it myself and to not think twice letting my bare feet touch the floor. But this bathroom has sneaked into my sphere of appreciation. It’ s kind of like the person that you’re not very interested in when you first meet them and then turns out to be the coolest person out of the whole bunch who you want to spend all your time talking, laughing and plotting with.

When you enter the narrow bathroom doorway, you are faced with a large mirror that’s about 3.4 to 4 feet long. there are two white sinks on either side of a long white counter. Not only is the counter great for laying out make-up and hair accessories, it’s great for sitting on if i don’t want to sit on the toilet or floor or bathtub edge. You get the best light on the counter closer to the right sink.

When practicing my poems I’ll either sit on the counter-top or stand in front of the mirror.  Sure I could look in the mirror in my bedroom, and sometimes I do, but it’s not the same. I’ve always felt more comfortable in closed spaces.  My bathroom is small enough to make me feel snugly enclosed and spacious enough that I don’t feel suffocated.   It helps that it’s warm too. If i stand with my back up against the wall directly behind the door, I can feel the warmth of the heater on my back as it purrs quietly behind me. There’s an opaque raspberry vase that holds two Gerber daisies of the same color. There used to be real flowers in the vase but they died. These flowers are synthetic which is perfect because there is no window in my bathroom. The flowers give the space a pretty touch and help to make it feel like home.

I pray in there too because in there I can be alone and I can pace and for some reason, I can just focus better. I usually have the lights off when praying so that I’m not distracted by looking in the mirror.

Sometimes, when I’m trying to finish up an article I’m writing and need to think clearly, I’ll go in there.  I can hear my thoughts and then lay them straight, tighten them up and delete some altogether before their official showing and usually before someone knocks on the door and turns my second office into a bathroom again.

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