15 minutes isn’t long enough anyway

Sigh. I had to turn it down- my first 15 minutes of fame as a dancer. Apparently ( I’m just learned this last week) April 22nd to April 29th is National Dance Week in Canada. I was asked by a dance association that I’m a member of  to appear on a live morning show to talk about  diversity and social cohesion through dance. I was also to do  a brief demonstration.  Imagine me, shaking my hips  and jutting my palms to the left and right as I danced Kpanlogo in front of the bright lights.

Unfortunately, I moved out of province and so won’t be able to make it for the show or for the workshop they wanted me to teach at the end of next month. Darnit, I love how the opportunities roll in after I leave.  Oh well, the  show must go on. They found someone else to do the CTV segment and  I’ll just have to dance my way to fame and fortune right here in the new city.

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