A Rwandan Engineer on the Key to Business Success

Happy Monday Forward-Thinking Friends,

Hope your weekends were fabulous and that you’re ready for a new work week. Some of you may have seen this article on Rwandan businessman Gregory Tayi who built mini hydro-electric stations in several of the country’s rivers to help compensate for the country’s electricity shortages.

Not only do I applaud his courage- such a venture requires a lot of capital and is very risky in terms or electric shocks- but I am impressed with his philosophy about the attributes of a good business person. He said in BBC program, African Dreams:

“When people look at businessmen, they look at money, but I think money is not what makes the person.  A business, it’s working with the people. It’s making life easier for others. A good businessman is the one who looks at his neighbours, at his countrymen, at the world.”

Look at that. While there is no shame in desiring to make money for ourselves, Tayi says that the real key to success in business is in providing for a real need for your countrymen and the world.  Contrary to mindsets of many African leaders, and many of us as individuals, Tayi sees the value in looking beyond himself. This is the kind of person, TEMPO had in mind when we wanted to write about forward- thinkers.

Read the full article called “Turning Rwanda’s rivers into renewable energy” here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15695207.

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