Overthinking good ideas

So, you know that column I told you about in my last post? I’ve been trying to write my first piece and I can’t seem to get a good grip on what I’d like to say. The online editor  suggested I begin with my idea to write about living life in the diaspora while having roots in the Motherland.  I think I had great ideas for it at the time. I’m constantly thinking about this existence between two worlds, about the fading away of the old world and my need to hold onto it, about its influence etc. All kinds of ideas. But now that I’ve sat down to write, I can think of nothing. Nothing good enough.  I threw one idea out to my husband and he basically said ” yeah but everyone has that experience. It’s nothing really unique.” Gotta love honestly huh?

I think now that this opportunity has opened up, I’m once again doing what I do best- thinking too much. Too much thinking is not good for your sanity. I know Nike’s solgan has gotten  flack for encouraging people to be mindless consumers of whatever is thrown at them but there are occasions in which it’s completely appropriate. Just do it.  Just write Roots! Just write something! This isn’t a type writer. You can delete and start again and not feel back about waiting paper or ink.

When I started this blog, I had those same uncertainties about whether what I wrote would be interesting, thematic or profound enough. But now, I’m beginning to care less, which relieves the pressure and makes me enjoy writing here. I’ve realized I can change my blog, my ideas or I can write about the same things over and over if I feel compelled to do so.  So I came here to warm up. I also came to make that confession that I’m over-thinking and stuck. Confessing it helps me to address the issue so that I can just write.

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