New Writing Gig!

Hey Peeps,

I  got a new writing assignment today! It’s my biggest so far, aside from the proposal I helped write and is my tightest deadline as well. I have all of 5 days.

The piece has to do with the African Diaspora Heritage Trail.  I’m writing an article advertising the upcoming conference, also known as an advertorial.  Yeah, I just learned what that was yesterday 🙂 Don’t worry I’ll be researching my little butt off and reading several samples before I get into the writing. Right now I’m just gathering information. I love it, I love the doors that are opening into this writing world.  With each breath of confidence comes a new opportunity affirming my decision to write.

Sometimes- often- everyday, I have to encourage myself that I am enough and I have enough. I have to encourage myself to keep writing, that the assignments will come and that I can make something respectable from this path.   Yesterday  I read this blog post titled “You Might not be Cut Out for a Writing Career”.  It was a very good post and after reading it,  I still had to give myself a pep-talk pill.  The writer of the blog was just straight up. She was like,  ask yourself whether you just want to write something every now and then and get paid for it, or whether you’re willing to stay up until 3am when you have to get up at 7, just to meet deadline, After reading it, I was like ‘whew, this is no joke.’ Of course I never thought it was to begin with, but she was saying some serious stuff.  We have to ask ourselves these questions about what we really want and know what we’re getting ourselves into.  I’m yet to deal with the soul crushing editors and stinging rejection letters but I do have  a few late nights and long hours of obsessed edits under my belt.

Gotta go though, I’m on a deadline!

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