11 year old boy raises money for Somalia Famine


An 11 year old schoolboy from Ghana has raised over $500 dollars for the famine in Somalia and has pledged to raise $13 million.  Aren’t you just downright proud of this kid? Not only is he a a child determined to pour a teaspoon of relief into the sea of tragedy, he’s a boy from Ghana-a “developing nation” looking to help another so called third-world nation.

We don’t often hear stories of  developing nations helping each other. Not on this level anyway. The person to person level.  We sometimes hear about the efforts of African governments coming to the aid of other countries or of African Soldier doing peacekeeping work in neighboring countries but, and let me speak for myself, I don’t see a lot of stories like this.  Maybe it’s becuase I don’t life in Africa so I have less exposure to such news because I see kids and young adults here in North America fund raising for a good cause almost all the time.   But this was on BBC okay?  I saw it and I was both proud, encouraged and hopeful. Proud that like I stated before this is a young African stepping up to help other people, encouraged because he knew how big the disaster was yet he still decided that even though he alone couldn’t fix it, at least he could do something; and hopeful that those inviting him to and listening to him on TV an radio will realize that they, Africans young and old from east or west may often be beneficiaries but they can be the donors as well.

Andrew Andasi, Ayekoo!

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