Writing: Well Pleased

Hey, guess what?!

Today I received a response to my first query letter! I had been ready for either a positive or negative response because a) It would be proof that I was at least interacting with people in the writing and publishing industry and b) The conviction in me to write is strong enough that I know I’d try again and that if I got a no now, my yes would be on it’s way. Can I get an Amen?

I got two emails this afternoon. One was a little ambiguous but good-natured and sounded sincere. It basically said, that they had received my query and would follow- up with me if they decide to use it upon further review.  So not a yes, not a no. More like, maybe.

When I got home I found another email in my inbox from the editor this time. It said “feel free to complete the article and I will be happy to review it for a future issue” and say hi to my cousin who goes to your church! haha, seriously!

So I must say that I’m well pleased to have gotten a positive response to my first query letter!  I’ll admit the “feel free” but made me think.. hmm maybe things still aren’t for sure; he just wants to see it. But still, I choose not to lean my thoughts that way. Maybe it is still a maybe, and that’s fair. They do need to see the whole article before they can really say that they want it. But at least they want to see it. Holler!

I’m happy for another chance to share my writing. I love writing others because I’m forced to shape and craft- choose the write words, place details in the right place, punctuate for maximum legibility- all to make a story.  It’s like… being a seamstress but with words. 😉  I can’t but little winky faces in my articles so I have to shape the sentences in just the right way so that the tone relays the same message as the winky face. Feel me? I love it!

I hope the editor and the readers do too!

On that note, I’m off to get started on the article. Oh yeah, I also have to go find Mr. Editor’s cousin.



To God be the glory.



Peace and ink.

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