A Reflection on High Heels

My big toe still hurts. Three days ago was the last time I forced my feet to carry me perched on stilts at a 45 degree angle. The high and thick-heeled chocolate colored boots that I’ve had for years have suddenly turned on me. They used to be so comfortable. Now all of a sudden I’m experiencing an unforgiving hardness in my heel with each collision of boot to cold concrete. There is a soreness in the creases of my toes. It intensifies after removing my boots. My poor toes resume their original flat stance and wearily exhale longing for a massage.

As I sit here on my lunch break looking online at stylish celebrity boots for the winter season, I begin to ponder: maybe my feet finally feel that I’ve turned on them. I’m not a fanatic about high heels, honestly, I’d rather lower than higher. But there is something about wearing heels makes women look hot and feel powerful. That is, if she can walk in them. If she can’t it’s a visual disaster as she tries to stand cool and upright yet propels forward in obvious agony.¬† And let’s be real ladies, we’ve all experience the limp at one point or another.

Most of us engage in the practice of ‘strapping¬† to stilettos’ more often that not.¬† But why? Why wear devices that squeeze our toes to a pencil point and cause us to limp if we stand in them for too long (which is 10 minutes in some cases)?

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2 thoughts on “A Reflection on High Heels

  1. Missy says:


    What a great article (my comment comes “late” but it comes with a lot of *reflection*) . . . I too, have wondered why it is that I put myself through such misery. I even remember shelling out a few hundred dollars for a heel that promised to be “as comfortable as a flat” . . . I tell you that itself is impossible with a 4inch heel.
    The wearing of the heel (for me) does make me feel sexier, more feminine but yes, chances are after a few hours in them I can chatting, smiling away yet suffering down there. For what. . .really, why?

    Now, having said that, will I stop wearing them? Chances are. . . No. I have been mentally colonized to accept this fashion expectation of a “forward woman”

  2. Abena A-T says:

    Hey Missy,
    Thanks for sharing your insights. “comfortable as a flat huh?” they should let you have a 3-day trial for a claim as serious as that!

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