21 more days in Rwanda

That’s how many days i have left in Rwanda if I counted correctly. The 2-week space between preparing to leave a country or city  and actually being on the plane always seems to be an awkward one for me. My days are filled with wrap up work, goodbye calls and visits and sometimes parties. My brain is filled with what to get people here and at home and more importantly, what am I gonna do when I get home.

It’s a slow day at the office, accented by the drying heat of the sun.  They’re having an all-day staff meeting today.  I’m in
“Kevin’s Office” with the other two new interns looking for jobs and preparing notes for my meeting with the Rwannda Environmental Management Authority on Monday.  I finally got a meeting after about 3 weeks of trying. Now all I need is for the man to give me a time.  Wondering how much I can get done in building a partnership with them in 21 days. We’ll see.

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