”I got my SAG card, baby, I’m an actor”

I’m going to be in a play on Sunday with the CLA drama team. Actually its more like three small skits. The first one is called Decisions and its about a girl who tells God he has the ‘wheel’ in her life as Carrie U. would say, or in our case the stool. Soon after she insists God take the stool of decision, the girl is presented with a situation where she has to advise her friend. Does she answer out of the counsel of the Lord? or does she ignore that whole ” you take the stool O Wise Teacher’ and speak from her own wisdom?

The second skit is similar where the girl is always saying ”Lord, you are Lord of my life” but then realizes that this word ‘Lord’ isn’t to be taken lightly.

I get to play the girl in those two. Never thought of myself as an actress, I was actually there for dance practice but due to an absent teacher and cd, we ended up doing a play. The twist is that there’s no script. We have to improvise as we’re up there.
It’s a good thing I have some life experience on these topics!

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