1 down, 2 to go-No Fear

Its hump day today and I’m feeling good. We had the first part of our three part donor conference yesterday and in my opinion it all went off reasonably well considering all the scrambling and panic that usually goes on before hosting a conference.

We were at work until 8pm Tuesday night and back at work at 7:30am on Wednesday. It was tiring but I think we were all pretty pleased with the final result. The powerpoint worked, water , tea and coffee were provided on cue, breakout groups were successful and we even had a bigger turnout than we had anticipated. That being said we still have some tweaking to do for the next two.

Round two is coming up tomorrow with government participants.. . I have feeling this one might be a bit more stressful, or at least more formal and the conversation not as happy-go-lucky over pastries at break time. Oh well, I’m not afraid. We got this. Nabugoba* (No fear).

*sorry spelling might be off but its one of my new fav. sayings.

2 thoughts on “1 down, 2 to go-No Fear

  1. Jp says:

    Haha…nice to see ur having some progress A-T. And ur learning some new words…hehe…Ntabwoba…jus helpin out wit the spellin….keep updatin us!

    God Bless and hope ur 2nd round is also successful.

  2. abenatuffour says:

    Ah man JP, thanks for the correction. I knew you would catch me on it. I found out soon after that I had spelled it all wrong. But really now, a ‘t’ and a ‘w’?:) Thanks for the well-wishes.

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