Cold and gray but still okay

Its pouring out.

Today is one of those days where the feeling in the air is one that  matches the weather- soggy and grey. I have a lot of work to do but am unsure of what exactly the work is and of where to start.  Too many things going on in my head.  Trip to the Northern province was cancelled. There was some contention over the topic which the university students were going to debate. It had to do with genocide ideologies. Though I had been looking forward to it, I’m not too disappointed that we’re not going anymore.  Been feeling a little nauseous the last few days and was not looking forward to the bus ride. Also didn’t’ get much sleep.

Was looking forward to going to the lake too in Gisenyi. But now not  sure if that’s still happening. Don’t  feel like traveling in this weather however it seems to be teasing us (me and the ACs) as I write this. The sun is peeking out a little but the clouds and cold remain. And word is it will rain hard again on Saturday. What to do…

TN and I travelled  to Huye (formerly Butare) on Wednesday. We went to do some interviews for work.  it was a nice little town; a one main street kind of town like  the “Nish.  It was in Huye at the National University of Rwanda that AjPRODHO got started and we got to meet and interview a number of the organisation’s beneficiaries.  One was a single mother of four who received legal aid from AJPRODHO and was able to get housing and medical care for her kids. It was good to see the acutal people the organization works with and helps.

I made a list of things to do. Hopefully that will help bring some clarity to this muddled morning.

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