Sweat, Neon, Cow Horns and Praise- Part 1

This past weekend was a mixture of Sweat, Neon, Cow Horns and Praise

Part 1: Sweat

It all began with a phone call to RJ and AC.  AC picked up the phone. “Abenaaa, I can’t hear anything, I’ll call you back!” Funny, it sounded like they were at a party. But it was 11am. Although not entirely impossible, they weren’t at a party, they were just on a bus into town with four of the nursing girls from X and two other Rwandese friends.  AC called me back and told me about the plan to go to an artisan’s village to buy some gifts, and then see what else the day brought forth.  It sounded good to me.  I ditched my more lackluster plan to handwash my laundry in the bathtub, threw on a yellow tank top,  and set out, pink post-it note carrying the name of my destination in hand, to catch a moto into town.

Thankfully I had made a walk from the busstop the evening before with BN so I knew how to weave my way between motos, people, busses and cars, around the corner , across and up the street to Simba Supermarket to meet the crew. Piece of cake, piece of fruitcake (not enjoyable but won’t kill you if you’re careful).  At simba, I enjoyed a tall glass of delicious orange ice cream and two samosas. They guys joke me cuz I usually get samosas when we go out but I can’t help it. I just haven’t been that hungry when we’ve gone out to eat. I think my stomache has shrunk on this Rwandan Special (Joke between me and TN. Rwandan Special =no breakfast, regular lunch, infrequent supper).  While eating, we were told by another nurse that there was a football game so we decided to eat , head to the artisan’s market then head to that.

For some reason, we bussed it to a place, past the stadium in Kimirongo and then walked back to the stadium. We arrived to find out there was no football match. Our source had been weak. Apparently she saw some guys on the street,  making some noise , blowing horns, yelling and somehow got the message that there was a game from that (refer to AC and RJ’s blogs for possibly more accurate account. Lol). The point is, she gave us some shady info and there was no game. So, we headed to the market. Despite the heat and confusion, I didn’t mind the start to the afternoon. It was a good chance to get to know more of the city and hang with the guys.

Stay tuned for part two: Cow Horns

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