Hold on Toshi!

Help!! Toshi is dying! She’s taken to shutting down with no warning in the last month or two and she just did it again- four times in a row! She probably won’t make it back to Canada with me but I need her to hold on for five more months. Just five more months Toshi. I need her for work and dont’ know what Ill do if she dies on me here.

Can someone tell me how to clear off all my stuff? I figure I can save everything (documents, photos, music) on my usbs and then delete from the comp,  but how do I erase all my personal information i.e. bank numbers and other passwords? I don’t know the technical terms but I know you all  know what I’m talking about.

Those who can help with that, please email or facebook me.

Those who can’t. Please pray Toshi hangs on for five more months.


One thought on “Hold on Toshi!

  1. Paul says:

    Hey Boo,
    You just need to format your computer. I’ll take a look and see if I can get the instruction for your Toshi. She’s a satellite right?

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