Day 17: Right as Rain

White collar crows get to work this morning after shower, pecking worms exposed in dirt mounds on the side of cobblestone road.  Thunder and lightning finally delivered after last night’s hype.

Moto-taxi zooms by, races past auto on residential avenue asserting advantage of speed and agility despite small size. Step out of way slow, learning to be cool, stand close to cars as they peel around you. Resume slow saunter. Time is gift and guide here, not master. Little girl walks with even smaller girl in hand towards big black water tank on wooden stilts.  Little girl has shaved hair, smaller girl has short braids peeking out from under hood protecting head from recent rain. Small boy walks alongside girls, swinging arms kicking empty plastic bottle. Cool.

Inch along edges of dirt now mud road, try not to sink and mess up grey dress pants.  Seen two scarves so far- Amazed. Yes, cooler than other days but scarves completely out of place. At least to these eyes and this mind. Push legs to carry body up wind in road. Past le papeterie, past Hollywood Video , past le café internet. See young guy from Restaurant Difference setting up white plastic tables and chairs outside. Wave from across the street “Muraho”. Will see him in about three hours time. Will eat frites, beans, white rice and viande like everyday. No mayonnaise, boiled vegetables, little taste, but much sustenance, so give thanks anyway.

Get to work. Greet “Mwaramutse” to each colleague. Sit down, look out window, see co-worker in tree picking pear-like fruit. Another co-worker gives one to me. Accept, wash, eat.

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