Abscence makes the heart beat fast,

knowing that something’s not right about this fear and low-hanging confidence.

The days pile up and follow her like a dusty path asking

‘whatchu got to offer on this earth besides brown skin,  and shrinking dreams?’

Whose is this voice that says,


Is it mine?  She asks.

This mind knows that this heart can decide to be

better than now, and yet

as  magnificent as now,

when will she be what she is she is made of?

2 thoughts on “Absence

  1. my mind through your pen really…..this here is like a summary of every verse i ever wrote…and like the holy spirit is the only one who knows the father’s mind….u got mine this time

  2. lets see if i sound like my teacher…….my latest verse…tho maybe a month old

    standing tall in the spirit
    building, climbing, tripping
    Not falling behind, but falling
    Picking the self up.
    Prayers in the heart
    Prayers that do the building
    Better the soul really, these prayers.
    These moments, when the dreams spill as words
    That one day, this hope
    From the heavens it is
    This feeling, like loving and being loved
    Like the first code of perls
    Like pythons fusing with the Jenesis
    The limelight off the authority
    Not your feeling of joy, but mine
    The residue of passions chased

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