Summer Day Thoughts

I’m sitting at my desk at work. Acutally, it’s not really a desk, its more of a table that extends all around the circumference of the room. But anyway, I’m sitting here, staring out the window at these thin, pale green leaves rustling out the window. It is gorgeous out. The great thing about my job is that you can just up and go for a walk outside if you feel like it. I went to a park nearby, sat on a rock and ate my salmon sandwich. Everything was perfect, the sandwich was filling, the playlist in my mp3 seemed better than ever, the grass was green, and the book I’m reading, Conversations with God, was so intriguing. Someone even held the door open for me as I entered the building. I grew up on the east coast where such courtesy is the order of the day, but, in Toronto, you can’t just expect those things.
So since I’m back inside, I thought what better way to end off a day at work than to make a list of pleasant surprises and other unexpected things so, here it is:

1. Sometimes people in Toronto hold the door open for you
2. Paul Simon is white
3. UB-40 is white
4. Modern dance is actually a very respectable form of dance
5. cherries taste good. Its only the ones that are in anything (i.e. chocolate, fruitcake etc. ) that are horribly offensive
6. Natural hair is not our worst enemy

That’s all for now.. I may add to this in the future. Time to go home!

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