Vulnerability, Courage and Moving Beyond Beauty

Beauty isn’t everything. This we know Yet it is a currency we all seek to hold At the end of January of this year, actress and comedian, Leslie Jones , in documenting her fitness journey, questioned whether her efforts to stay fit and “attractive” were worth it. “what the point….” She wrote.  She confessed that Read More


New Year, Messy Me: Confronting My Faults to Truly Embrace the New Year

This year, like every one for the past five or six years, I set goals. I’m going to learn Spanish. I’m going to read a novel in French. I’m going to have an amazing book launch. Usually I greet the turn of a new year with enthusiasm and vigour or with a calm indifference.  I Read More


May God Bless the Babysitters

There are people in this world who care for other people’s children and enjoy it. I am so grateful for these people. Last month I picked up my daughter from daycare that she’d been attending since the summer.  We were moving to another area and it was her last day. I cried while saying goodbye Read More


Is Your Perfectionism Rooted in Fear?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic  says perfectionism is fear in really good shoes. If you think about it, she’s right.  We often look at  perfectionism as this noble trait. We think,  “Abena works so hard, she just wants thing to be the best they can be”.   But maybe we want Read More